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    So THAT’S what they mean by sinful chocolate…

    Posted: October 12, 2012 by veganism   -   No Comments

    As a vegan, you will hear this question often from truly curious friends and acquaintances - “But what’s wrong with eggs and milk?”

    We posted an article a few months back about the cruelties of the egg industry – now lets talk about another global F&B brand, and their participation in the cruelties of the dairy industry.

    We’re talking about chocolate corporation Cadbury Dairy Milk. We  came across this recent article exposing the behind-the-scenes cruelty in a dairy farm that supplies to the chocolate giant.

    Farm that sells milk to Cadbury ‘shoots male calves to feed hunt hounds’

    Like most other instances of animal abuse going on, we’ve no adequate words to describe the extent of the horror, the outrage, and the sadness.

    Of course, this is hardly the first time Cadbury is being exposed for doing business with unethical suppliers.  We urge our dairy-chocolate-loving readers to check out this page


    Consumers unwittingly become participants in the cruelty by purchasing the products of unethical businesses. Most of you are probably shaking your heads while browsing the information being shared here. We hope you can do a little bit more. Write to your local supermarket. Show them these headlines. Politely request that they either stop stocking the brand, or put pressure on their suppliers to prove that their ingredients are sourced ethically. Even better, let them know that from now on, you’re only buying vegan chocolate!